Society is shaped by AI — that’s why we’re developing LivePerson AI Natives

The world at large, across all geographies and all industries, is being reshaped by artificial intelligence and machine learning. People who understand how AI and ML projects work — people we call LivePerson AI Natives — will have a competitive advantage at work and in life.

Illustrative mix of human and AI faces

As we at LivePerson continue to deepen our expertise in Conversational AI and how it will change the world, we are investing in all of our employees to provide them with a solid foundation in AI and ML that will drive our individual and collective success.

Every employee has the opportunity to participate in our LivePerson AI Native program. Through a combination of formal training and discussions led by internal experts and outside speakers, to daily resources to help expand our minds and understanding of AI, LivePerson is committed to equipping every employee with the skills they need to shape a better future as individuals, as a company, and as a society.

Want to become a LivePerson AI Native?

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