Test drive new and experimental features and capabilities

LivePerson Labs offers LivePerson clients opportunities to evaluate and implement our latest, most exciting technical capabilities and product ideas – while they are still being conceived and developed. LivePerson Labs provides payoffs to both our clients and our own development teams. Companies driven to be at the forefront of customer engagement technology get to try out cool new features before they are available anywhere else. Just as important and exciting, when you take a LivePerson Labs offering for a test drive, you become part of the development process. Your feedback helps our developers shape emerging products to best suit your needs and the market.

With a strong emphasis on innovation, short development cycles and open feedback channels, the projects in LivePerson Labs are intended to showcase our most promising new ideas. We understand that these upstarts still have a lot of growing to do before they become fully mature products.

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The LivePerson Labs process

Our LivePerson Labs team is dedicated to helping transform creative concepts into practical, real-world features and capabilities that serve our clients’ needs.

The Labs team gets ideas from:

  • The Innovate process
  • An innovative employee anywhere in the company
  • Technical investigations
  • Market requirements

We provide the support that best complements the innovative employee’s own skill set – developers get business and marketing help, while a salesperson gets development resources.

The Labs team coordinates and assists with bringing the innovation from an idea to proof of concept, plug-in, integration tutorial or product.

LivePerson Labs promotes development of new products and capabilities to enhance the benefits of LivePerson technology.

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