LivePerson in the News: Chatbots Make Some Noise, and Mobile Takes the Stage

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Wednesday, June 1, 2016 - 16:12

This spring we’ve been hard at work collaborating with Facebook, adding the human touch to chatbots, making it easier for mobile consumers to chat with their favorite brands, and, as always, helping brands create more meaningful connections with consumers.

It’s all happening fast — but if you take the time to stop and smell the roses (or read the headlines), you’ll notice that messaging is quickly becoming the preferred method of communication among friends, family, and, yes, brands.

“We see mobile messaging as a strategy for connection. Ultimately, messaging is a framework for a greater relationship with the consumer.”

– Rob Locascio, (@RobLoCascio), LivePerson founder and CEO

Read on for some of LivePerson’s latest headlines, including how we’re bringing our vision for the next generation of customer service to life.

Behind every chatbot should be a human.

Brands across all industries are launching bots to engage with users on platforms like Facebook Messenger. But don’t forget the most important element required for success: the humans who will step in to address those customer service requests bots just can’t answer.

The possibilities bots promise have brands in a frenzy. After all, bots are being called the next big tech trend. To help you stay ahead of the curve, our general manager and SVP of global small business Tom Byun shares a few must-follow tips on The Garage from GoDaddy.

As popular as bots may be, LivePerson CEO Rob LoCascio explains why they’ll never replace the human touch in a recent L2 article, The Chatbots Aren’t Invading — Yet.

From the article: “When consumers try to use a bot or virtual agent, there is a high error rate, which drives low customer satisfaction and ultimately a very expensive phone call. There’s a lot of start-up thinking around bots, but relationships are built with connections with a human.”

Bots give brands a strategy for building more meaningful digital relationships. But to make that relationship last, it still takes a human-to-human connection.

At F8, LivePerson launched its messaging application, LiveEngage, on Facebook Messenger to give consumers the connection they crave...and brands the management and insights to scale. With LiveEngage, brands can seamlessly switch from chatbot to human and prioritize consumer messages in real time.  

As Rob says, “With a platform like LiveEngage in place, brands have the opportunity to create meaningful and lasting relationships with consumers via Messenger."

The Limited expands mobile connections for the savvy shopper.

The Limited just gets its consumers. “They are on the go and tech savvy, so they want to connect with us instantly, in the channel they prefer,” says Dawne Brooks, manager of e-commerce and client relations operations at the clothing company.

Of The Limited’s 7,840 chats per month, 19.2% are happening on mobile. To engage more intelligently where consumers already are, The Limited upgraded to the new LiveEngage. Now shoppers don’t have to stop what they’re doing to get help from customer support.

And the benefits aren’t just for consumers. The retailer saw a conversion rate 19% higher through messaging. Average order value increased, too: Consumers interacting via messaging spent $133, compared to $106 for those shopping on their own.

For more on how The Limited is using mobile to engage consumers, check out the full article on Mobile Commerce Daily.

Mobile puts brands in consumers’ pockets.

When consumers need something, the first place they go is their mobile devices. Their smartphone will have the answer — or the connection — they’re looking for. In fact, consumers turn to mobile more than any other device; 60% of consumers’ total digital time is spent on the channel.

Mobile offers some serious benefits, from giving consumers a human-to-human connection to seamlessly connecting them to brands at a time that’s convenient for them.

And thanks to the rise of messaging apps, the consumer-to-brand relationship has changed for good. Consumers are already using them to chat with friends and family, and now they’re using them to interact with brands. It’s a more convenient, human connection than ever before.

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For more on why brands want to be in consumer’s pockets, check out the article on Inside CRM authored by Alon Waks (@AlonWaks), LivePerson’s global head of product marketing.

Singtel gets chatty.

Singtel, one of the world’s largest telco companies, successfully implemented LivePerson’s online and mobile messaging system to lay the foundation for real-time engagement with consumers.

The company is using our next-generation software as part of ongoing efforts to improve communication with consumers. “We want to give customers a seamless and effortless experience when they look for information or transact with us,” said Candy Chua, VP of consumer operations at Singtel.

With the LivePerson platform, Singtel is able to bridge a gap between how consumers communicate with friends and family and how they connect with brands. The convenience combined with predictive intelligent targeting and behavioral intent analytics will take Singtel’s customer service to a whole new level.

LivePerson steps on stage at the OpenStack Summit.

Mark Collier, chief operating officer of the OpenStack Foundation, spoke at the OpenStack Summit in April about why brands must collaborate in order to succeed and thrive.

Mark explains that the growing demand for infrastructure is pushing the need for a new LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack of the cloud, but the tools will have to work together to provide the most value to clients.

While on stage, he welcomed our very own Koby Holzer (@kobyholzer), director of cloud engineering, to discuss how LivePerson is leveraging OpenStack to move to a more containerized architecture.

Boomerang employees land in familiar offices.

It turns out you can go home again — or, in the case of the workplace, back to a former employer. While it may not seem like the most natural course of action, research shows that 98% of hiring managers would rehire a former employee who left on good terms.

One of our own, Mike Montour, left after eight years with LivePerson to pursue an opportunity at a start-up. A few years later, he returned as SVP, North America sales, making him one of roughly 12 former employees we’ve recently welcomed back with open arms.

Like everything in life, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about this. Read on for more about how to return to a previous employer at Fast Company.

LivePerson gets real about company culture.

What really defines company culture? Is it unlimited vacation time or landing on a “Best Places to Work” list for the third year in a row? With “company culture” trending among this year’s most popular buzzwords, it’s hard not to wonder what really makes a great workplace experience.

At LivePerson, we believe culture runs deeper than beer fridges and beanbag chairs and that it can have a real impact on employees. That’s why we hosted a panel as part of Internet Week New York to talk about it. Chief of staff Kristy Sundjaja joined culture experts from WeWork,, and more to talk about what company culture means and how to make sure each new hire is the right fit. To see what went down, read our recap here.

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