Remember That Time A Live Chat Agent Made Your Day?

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Terra Walker Mrkulić
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Thursday, July 10, 2014 - 18:14

If you’re like me and turn to live chat whenever you need to connect with your favorite brand, chances are you’ve come across a really awesome chat agent or two during your online shopping adventures. I know I have!

For example, the time I was trying to figure out which honeymoon package to book with a luxury resort company. The chat agent not only answered my questions and saved us money through a special online coupon I had missed, but she also provided an amazing extra amenity that was waiting for us on arrival to the local airport (hint: it got us to the resort MUCH faster than our original plan). Her extra attention really made me feel like she cared about my experience, and, as cliche as it is to say, it made me want to book my next vacation with her immediately.

Thanks to my chat agent, arrived at our resort via helicopter!


Another time when I was chatting online with my credit card company about an address change—a fairly standard transaction that should just take a moment to complete. Somehow my agent and I got to chatting about our kids (roughly the same age), and the challenge of dealing with a chronic lack of sleep. We shared tips and tricks for getting through our work day on just an hour or two of sleep. 

While chatting, even though this wasn’t the purpose of my call, the agent found a lower APR available for me and set it up immediately—saving me hundreds of dollars over the course of the year. I walked away delighted over the prospect of saving more than a few dollars, but even more importantly, I was unexpectedly pleased over connecting with the agent on such a personal level.

This just proves that even a mundane transaction can turn into a wonderful and personal connection.

Any brand representative has the ability to make or break your experience with that brand—regardless of whether it’s in person, on the phone or through live chat. However, chat agents have an extra obstacle in winning your affections: good agents have to learn how to humanize a digital conversation while going above and beyond the call of duty to meet the rising expectations of ‘digital first’ customers like me.

At LivePerson, we want to celebrate the best of the best agents, and we need your help to find the superstars who have mastered the craft of online engagement that wins brand loyalty.

Do you remember that time a chat agent made your day?

We want to hear about it! We’re looking for stories that show a level of online service not typically found in everyday interactions. Or perhaps fun stories, like this great example of a Netflix customer service agent, a.k.a, “Captain Mike of the Good Ship Netflix,” really connecting in a unique way with his customer.

Did an agent go above and beyond the call of duty to help you? Were you delighted by the lengths to which an agent went to solve your problem? Tell us your story. Use the survey below or tell us about your favorite chat agent hero in the comments section.

Nominations will be evaluated for substance, uniqueness, and story-worthiness by the LivePerson editorial team. Those that meet editorial requirements may be selected for further development as blog posts, videos, podcasts, or media articles. Click here to read the full terms and conditions for story submission.

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