Who Needs Another Stress Ball, Anyway?

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Valerie-Ann Leary
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Thursday, June 9, 2016 - 14:45

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But at this year’s HiMSS conference, we wanted to do something that would reach far outside of the annual, LV-hosted event and give back to the greater community.

Conferences are important for sharpening your skills, learning about your industry, exchanging ideas, and networking with interesting, like-minded people. They’re great for gaining new insights, perspectives, connections, and tools, but otherwise, the takeaways are pretty lame. Yes, I’m talking about conference swag — the branded keychains you’ll never use, USB drives replaced long ago by the cloud, and pens you just don’t need. Most of it ultimately ends up in the trash.

At HiMSS this year, we did "swag" a little bit differently...

When we were considering our presence at the HiMSS conference, we thought, why give people things they’ll just throw away? That’s when we decided to do our “swag bag” a little bit differently. How could we stake our claim and let people know who we are without just offering another dull stress ball?

One of our core company values is “help others.” This is directly built into our culture and vision of creating meaningful connections. But culture doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t leave our office. So this time, in lieu of handing out our beloved Kokos, notebooks, or other freebies, we pledged donations to three charities on behalf of every person who visited our booth.

We felt this new spin on “swag” would better reflect what we do and how we do it. For every person who stopped by to learn about how mobile messaging could fix customer service for the healthcare industry, we donated $1 to reflect the charity that got their vote. In the end, we gave $3,000 to some amazing health-related charities.

We’re proud to announce LivePerson has made donations to the nonprofits below:

We picked these charities because each, in some way, has affected LivePerson employees — either they have or someone close to them has suffered from an illness or have been helped by one of these specific institutions.

You can talk about and work on company culture and core values ad nauseam, but it’s most important that you act on them. A company’s culture and identity can (and should!) be felt by everyone who interacts with the brand, and its purpose must be bigger than the product or service it sells. In our case, we’re in the business of customer experience — in interactions directly with our customers as well as helping them create a more meaningful connection with their own. We saw HiMSS as a perfect opportunity to share our culture with the broader community and showcase how a great experience can come in unexpected ways.

What have you done differently to spread culture outside of the office? Let me know in the comments!

Follow the links (above) for more information about these great institutions. To stay in the know about how we bring our core values to everything we do, subscribe to the Connected Customer blog

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