Your Next Career Move: Finding the Right Company for You [VIDEO]

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Hollie Ellison
Senior Marketing Manager, Events
Tuesday, July 12, 2016 - 11:46

Congratulations — you got the interview! Now’s the part where you’ll really shine. Your portfolio is ready to go, you’ve done your research and prepped your answers, and you’re looking — and feeling — sharp. But what people all too often forget is that an interview is a two-way street. As much as the company is evaluating your character and competencies, you need to use this critical time to decide if the company’s the right fit for you.

At LivePerson, it’s imperative that candidates fit into our unique culture and new employees are ready to embody our core values of be an owner and help others, both with their colleagues and with the customers they touch. We know the traits that our most successful LivePersons possess — something we call our “Success Formula” — and base our interview questions around uncovering whether or not someone has what it takes to excel here.

Employers might have it figured out. But what should candidates be asking in return? We recently hosted a few experts at LivePerson’s New York headquarters to discuss the current state of the tech scene and best practices for not just companies but those looking for their dream job, too.

In this video, listen to LivePerson’s chief of staff and global head of people Kristy Sundjaja; cofounder, serial entrepreneur, and investor Soraya Darabi; and WeWork’s chief people officer John Reid Dodick discuss what potential employees need to look for during the job search to ensure they fit into the company culture. According to Soraya, “What am I learning? What am I teaching? What do I want to learn next?” should always be top of mind. “In these three questions, you’re going to learn so much about the organization and the person interviewing you,” she explains.

Watch the video below for more advice.

I often find the last 15 minutes of an interview to be the most revealing. When your interviewer asks, “Do you have any questions for me?” remember, the wrong answer is “no.” Just because the tables are turned doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. Often employers use this time to determine how serious a candidate is about a job and the company as well as evaluate his or her ability to think critically.

You should feel like an interview is a thoughtful conversation — not an hour in the hot seat. Below are some of the best questions I’ve heard when it was the candidate’s turn.

  • Where do you see the company in five years?
  • What does a person need to be successful in this position?
  • What are the challenges of this role?
  • How do employees grow in this company?
  • What was your favorite day or fondest memory working here?

I always find it clever to end an interview with this last question, because, no matter what, you’ll part ways on a pleasant note.

Now, go forth and rock that interview!

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