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Join us for an exclusive preview of our historic Generative AI launch

Generative AI is finally available, purpose-built for the enterprise. Join LivePerson CEO Rob LoCascio, other LivePerson leaders, and a select group of our most valued customers for a private look at our new Generative AI capabilities — one week ahead of launch.

Virtual Event April 2023 | Time TBC
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Unlock the power of large language models to deliver business outcomes

Get ready for a virtual event that goes beyond technology innovation. Be among the first to hear from CEO Rob LoCascio about LivePerson’s new Generative AI capabilities. Joined by Ian Kinsella, SVP, APAC, and Ravi Chittari, SVP Strategy & Innovation, you will have the opportunity to connect and converse with the LivePerson leadership team.

 Learn how to leverage generative AI models for the business outcomes you want, including operational efficiency. Our tools are both internal- and consumer-facing, ensuring maximum cost savings and impact across all use cases and intents. Whether you work in customer support, marketing, sales, IT, or product — you will not want to miss this exclusive preview!

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See how LivePerson is bringing generative AI and human oversight together for the best results

Voice AI

Extend your customer reach with voice calls done right. Use generative models to meet customers where they are and drive intents to the best channel with seamless escalations that can leverage your existing telephony.

Conversation Copilot

Augment existing agents by giving them LLM-powered answers, onboarding them faster, and helping them provide more consistent conversational outcomes.

Conversation Autopilot

Provide a warmer, more personalized conversational customer experience out of the box with little effort, saving time with generative AI-powered automated interactions.

AI Analytics

Get powerful insights into how your generative AI technology is performing, guiding you to quickly identify improvements for greater impact.

AI Safety Tools

Access training data guardrails, prompt engineering, and other tools to help you control the output of the LLM to avoid bias and ensure proper representation of your enterprise to the consumer.

AI for Everyone

Discover our newest, more streamlined self-service option for you to experiment and get up and running quickly with generative AI (for brands of any size).

Meet the leaders

Rob LoCascio headshot

Rob LoCascio

Founder & CEO, LivePerson

Ian Kinsella headshot

Ian Kinsella

SVP APAC, LivePerson

Ravi Chittari

SVP Strategy & Innovation, LivePerson

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Join us at this exclusive preview!

Every business leader is looking into generative AI development, trying to find an ethical, unbiased, fair, and effective way of taking their business forward. We have the answers.

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