Get a Broader Look at Chat Transcripts With Engagement Attributes in History

Monday, November 30, 2015 - 11:08

Agent Managers can gain insight about how their CCPs are interacting with consumers by analyzing previous conversations. However, seeing the chat history only provides part of the picture. The CCP has other tools at their disposal, which can influence the conversation, and which the transcript did not provide until now. To fully understand a conversation, you need to understand its context, and ensure that you have all of the information that the CCP had available to them. Additionally, there may be times when you want to filter and analyze transcripts by Engagement Attributes - where visitors came from, what they bought, what error messages they received, and more.


We have now made Engagement Attributes available in Web History. Engagement Attributes range from the status of customers, such as whether they are gold, silver or platinum customers, to what items they have in their shopping cart. All of the Engagement Attributes available in LiveEngage are available in Web History, and you can see how the values of the Engagement Attributes have changed over time, due to visitor behavior.


Engagement Attribute information that you have setup will now display alongside the transcript of the conversation, as long as they were triggered before or during the chat.  For example, if you are using the ‘Viewed Product’ Engagement Attribute - the names of all the products that the visitor viewed will be displayed.  If an Engagement Attribute was triggered more than once (e.g. the consumer viewed multiple products), all that history will be reflected. This will provide you with all the information the CCP had at hand during the conversation.


You can now also search and filter chats from Web History by specific Engagement Attributes. For example, you can filter recent conversations that took place with your VIP customers to do a service audit.  Another example can be to filter the history by ‘marketing source’.  If you are paying a lot of traffic arriving from an affiliate, you can analyze the conversations from that particular affiliate source.


To search filter engagement history by attributes, like in the example above, follow these steps:


1.In the Visitors tab, click on Web History.

2.On the top right hand side of the screen, find the filter by keyword dialog box.

3.Click on the filter icon.

4.Select the Engagement Attributes from the dropdown that appears.

5.Enter the keyword that you are looking for, in this case the name of the affiliate.

6.Press enter - all of the chats that originated from this affiliate will now be visible.