More Information Means Better Service Conversations

Are you doing everything you can to make your agents’ day easier?
Wednesday, August 5, 2015 - 08:02

We introduced Web Application Integration earlier this year and many brands have found it to be a ‘chat-changing’ experience.

Have you used it yet?

Web Application Integration represents a major boost for Customer Care Professional (CCP) Efficiency; Integrate any web-based tool or CRM directly into the Agent Workspace.


  • Save time with automation: customer information opens in the relevant customer record and eliminates the need to manually search for information.

  • Supports concurrency with multiple sessions.

Web Application Integration enhances the information available in the Agent Workspace and improves your customer relationship by providing relevant context to assist consumers in their digital journey.

Instead of flipping between browser tabs, CCPs can leverage Web Application Integration to handle multiple concurrent chats.This contributes extensively to the value that our platform brings to its users. Chats can be handled from one central console, as LiveEngage allows you to open another application directly within the Agent Workspace.

As part of the integration Agent Managers can choose to pass information about the visitor directly to the integrated application. This allows them to open relevant records in the CRM/external system, pre-populate fields in the application with the visitor and campaign information and more. This enhanced information empowers agents with more background about the customers they are engaging with, and can contribute to an ongoing relationship with them.

Here are some examples where you can Increase CCP efficiency:

  • Quickly and easily learn your customer profile and account status.

  • Record customer needs in CRM.

  • Utilize knowledge base, and company response database.

 Learn more about the functionality and technical requirements of Web Application Integration.