Powerful, Scalable, and Amazingly Simple Brand-to-consumer Messaging Tools

Tuesday, November 24, 2015 - 09:21

The LiveEngage mobile messaging solution is designed to meet the growing needs of continuous, always-on, always connected communication between brands and consumers.

Mobile Messaging between consumers and brands

Consumers today are accustomed to messaging with friends and family. So, we’ve taken this communication method and built features on top of it that adjust to connection center operations and consumer expectations.

The basics: how consumers message with brands

LiveEngage has introduced an in-app SDK available both for iOS and Android.  Each brand can utilize this code package to include mobile messaging anywhere in their apps.


A consumer who begins a conversation with a brand will see a similar interface to familiar messaging applications, including the ‘read’ signals.  Consumers will never have to actively wait for a response from a Customer Care Professional, they can go on with their day and pro-active messages for responses will display anytime, whether the phone is locked or opened - just like any other messaging app.



Beyond the basics: communication with brands requires more

LiveEngage mobile messaging is also built to meet the expectations that consumers have from brands: quick responses, clear resolution, simple methods to re-connect.

Committed Response Time : To set consumers’ expectations and provide a high level of service, our messaging app tells customers when they can expect a response. For urgent issues requiring more immediate attention, certain consumers can elect to mark their inquiries as urgent to have them handled more quickly.


Resolve an inquiry : At the heart of C2B messaging is the ability to be always connected and start a conversation anytime. Nevertheless, everyone involved in a conversation needs to know when an issue has been fixed. For this reason, the consumer or Customer Care Professional can mark any part of the conversation as “resolved”. Additionally, consumers have the opportunity to give their feedback on every conversation and topic. This important input is routed to the brand in real time.



Mobile Messaging for Connection Centers


LiveEngage has introduced tools and workspaces for Customer Care Professionals and their managers to take, answer and manage mobile messaging conversations.

The Workspace

The LiveEngage workspace for mobile messaging is enhanced to provide a smooth and effective environment for CCPs.  


Customer Care Professional features include:

  • Predefined Content: CCPs don’t have to type common answers and responses...they can search for them and quickly enter into the conversation.

  • Summary: Messaging conversations may span over an extended period of time, depending on when consumers reply.  To help CCPs manage the topic and needs of a conversation, a quick ‘summary’ area allows them to add notes to each conversation.

  • Engagement History: View any previous conversations and history of a consumer - even if they have a different conversation with a different CCP.

  • Time to Respond: Although the system automatically sets the committed time to reply to a consumer, some cases or situations may require more time.  Each CCP can adjust the committed response time in order to clearly communicate expectations per case.

  • Resolve conversation: In most cases, the consumer will mark a conversation as resolved, however, the CCP has the ability to mark conversations as resolved when they are certain the issue has been answered (any resolved conversation can be restarted by either party at any time).

Creating long term connections

LiveEngage empowers Customer Care Professionals to create connections with consumers that go beyond a one-time inquiry resolution.

When consumers begin a new messaging conversation, they will always be routed to the same CCP that helped them before, as long as they are available. This creates continuity and helps build a relationship.

In addition, any CCP can proactively start a messaging conversation with any consumer, even after they have resolved the conversation.  This will allow CCPs to take initiative, follow up with consumers and provide exceptional service.

LiveEngage displays all the connections that each CCP has, in a sortable, filterable list.


Data and reporting

For efficient management of contact centers, LiveEngage mobile messaging has built in tools for managers that include real time dashboards and reports.

Real time queue management

Managers have full visibility into the current queue of incoming messages, the status, pending replies, CSAT, overdue messages, etc.  This real time shift information assists in management and message volume and answer rates.

Messaging dashboards provide data on the operational efficiency of a contact center and are available to managers, as a built-in  part of the system.

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