Service Beyond a Smile

Posted by
Lida Tabibian
Product Marketing and Communications Manager
Thursday, July 14, 2016 - 11:47

Providing an exceptional service to consumers across the full cycle of their customer journey is a fundamental goal for every brand. At LivePerson we recognise this and we’re always working to ensure you have all the top-of-the-line tools you need to supply that service and to create a meaningful connection with every consumer.

Be available where and when your customers need you

Access is key. Brands need to be reachable as and when consumers want to connect. LiveEngage enables customers to start a conversation with a brand from any device, from any location and at any time of day. Through Offsite Engagements, brands can also expand their availability by offering chat from any media, such as emails, SMS messages (triggered by IVR), newspapers and magazines, and bills.


Answer quick, answer right

Once a consumer is connected, they expect a rapid response - but they also want the right response. Intelligent routing that pushes visitors to the most relevant, available skill ensures that queue size is minimized and consumers are kept happy. Agent Managers can also keep track of service levels, checking that response times are optimized and the right agents are available at the right time.  

The more you know, the better you serve

Knowing who your consumers are and what they need is critical to ensuring your business is providing them with the most efficient and effective service possible.

LiveEngage provides out-of-the-box information about your visitors - such as where they are, how much time they spend on each page, which pages they’ve visited. Even more in-depth and specific information is available from Engagement Attributes, such as which products they’ve been checking out, what they purchased and any errors that popped up. All the information you need to home in on the visitors you really want to engage with, is at your fingertips.  

What’s in a smile?

If a negative post-chat survey is the first time you realise that a consumer wasn’t happy with their conversation, you’ve already missed the chance to make a meaningful connection. The ability to react to a consumer’s mood on-the-fly is critical to ensuring that they have a positive chat experience.

The Meaningful Connection Score is an automated, unbiased way of measuring the relationship between consumers and brands. Instead of relying on optional surveys, brands can analyze the value of each conversation with this state-of-the-art, highly intelligent text-analytics system. Analysis is in real-time, so Agents and Agent Managers have the opportunity to react to the score and impact a conversation while it still counts.  


A happy Agent equals a happy customer

It’s a well known sales tip - smile down the phone, the customer can hear it in your voice! Well the same is true in chat - if your Agent is happy and feeling positive about their work, your consumer will feel upbeat too.

LiveEngage’s intuitive Agent workspace drives efficiency and satisfaction, providing all the tools your agents need to build long-term, continuous connections. Task prioritization and notifications assist multitasking, previews and hot keys aid efficiency and real-time performance and KPI data helps agents keep on target. As long as your agents are enjoying their work, your consumers will enjoy chatting with them.


Keep your finger on the pulse

To provide the best service to your consumers you need to have access to detailed knowledge of what’s going on in your contact center - at all times. LiveEngage’s operational reporting and analytics provides a wealth of intelligent data, including service level tracking in real-time and over time, real time shift management features and robust user groups and user management.


Really listen

It isn’t enough just to track your connections, you also need to evaluate them. What are your consumers saying? And what do they really think about your brand? The answers to these questions and more are invaluable to helping you understand your consumers’ needs and what they are looking for from you. With Hot Topics, brands can analyze conversations to pinpoint the real issues that are important to customers, drilling down into what drives sentiment and brand perceptions.

By understanding what drives consumers towards or away from your brand, you can make yourself more available and accessible, target visitors more efficiently and arm your agents with even more precise knowledge and consumer information.

LiveEngage arms you with all the information and tools you need to provide that exceptional service you’re aiming for.