Supercharge Your Visitor Experience with New Enhancements

Thursday, October 29, 2015 - 13:08

One of the key challenges that we address almost every day while we work on LiveEngage is ensuring that engagements flow well, and there is nothing that gets in the way of a positive customer experience. This extends all the way from the moment when a CCP logs in, to the duration of a chat with a consumer. We recently took steps to improve both the configuration of engagement creatives, and the engagement chat box itself to make sure that engagements happen effortlessly.

Window On Mobile Web

One of things that must be considered when configuring a campaign is where the creatives will appear. Placement of a creative can have a large impact on whether or not the creative is successful in connecting with consumers. For this reason, we now allow you to configure which part of the screen you would like your mobile window to minimize to on mobile devices.

Expanded Text Box

The chat box itself is a key part of any interaction between CCPs and consumers. Accordingly, any friction which can be removed from these interactions can be significantly beneficial. Now, when consumers enter a message, the text box will expand to up to four lines. Additionally, on desktop, for messages over 4 lines, a scrolling option will be added. On mobile web, for messages over 4 lines, consumers will be able to scroll by swiping up and down.

In this way, we look to make configuration of engagement creatives, and the engagement chat box itself easier to use while ensuring that engagements are unhindered.