Apple Business Chat beta is here. Are you ready?

LiveEngage makes it work for the world's top brands.

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Apple Business Chat beta offers a new way for brands to interact with millions of iOS users through messaging. Leading brands are already running Apple Business Chat on LiveEngage.

The world's top brands run messaging at scale with LivePerson:

The largest international cable company

The world's #1 and #2 home improvement retailers

The #1 entertainment company in the world

The fastest-growing US telco

The world's most valuable online travel company

The world's largest business travel company

Only LivePerson has done messaging at scale

The LiveEngage conversational platform offers unique capabilities for handling asynchronous messaging conversations, achieving scale through bots and automation, and assessing real-time conversation sentiment.

The power of Apple Business Chat, unleashed

Manage the rich capabilities of Apple Business Chat in LiveEngage through a powerful set of AI-enabled routing, conversation management, and reporting and analytics tools.

Deliver a personalized experience to millions of iOS users

Messaging allows — for the first time — a truly personal connection between your brand and millions of consumers. LiveEngage can revolutionize your customer experience.

Rich. Powerful. And already on every device

Apple Business Chat is more than just text messaging. It's a rich user experience with text, graphics, and other functionality integrated directly into iOS — with no download required.

Apple Business Chat and your brand's app — better together

With powerful Messages extensions, brands can inject advanced functionality from their apps into their conversations.

The world's most advanced conversational platform

LiveEngage is an open platform that integrates consumer messaging apps, back-end enterprise systems, and third-party providers. We give brands the flexibility to use the right technologies to reach the most consumers and provide the best customer experience.

Only LivePerson has intelligent, asynchronous capacity management

When consumers can message — asynchronously — instead of call or live chat, they act very differently. We have technology adapted to the new world, where agents manage 40+ conversations at once, not one call at a time.

Only LivePerson has an open platform with AI and automation built in

Other providers force a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to automation. LiveEngage offers choice. Use our built-in automation, bring your own, or integrate third-party bots — and manage them all within LiveEngage.

Only LivePerson offers real-time consumer sentiment

Brands don’t need to rely on customers answering surveys to track satisfaction. Measure consumer sentiment during conversations in real time via our Meaningful Connection Score™, which can complement traditional CSAT methodologies or be used on its own.