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Reach consumers through Apple Business Chat, the easiest way to message you to get help, ask questions, and purchase products and services — no apps, no downloads.

LivePerson powers Apple Business Chat for the world’s most innovative brands.

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More than just text messaging

Apple Business Chat is a rich user experience integrated directly into iOS — no download required.

With it, consumers can engage brands with powerful messaging functionality to get information, schedule appointments, and securely purchase products and services.

Reach more consumers

Now consumers using over 1.4 billion Apple devices can discover your brand and start conversations from Siri, Maps, Spotlight, Chat Suggest, and the web.

Give consumers even more ways to message you by promoting messaging with a button in your app or website, email, social media channels, or offline with QR codes.

Chat Suggest — a critical part of your call reduction strategy

Chat Suggest offers an easy alternative to waiting on hold. When customers call a Chat Suggest-registered number, they get an option to continue in messaging. With messaging CSAT 20% greater than voice, Chat Suggest becomes a game‑changer.

Make secure payments, share secure information

Provide consumers the ability to buy goods and services directly in an Apple Business Chat conversation, instead of driving them to a webpage or phone call.

Consumers can securely log in to their accounts with Apple Authentication, receive personalized support, then check out with Apple Pay.

The world’s most advanced conversational platform

Our AI-powered conversational platform connects Apple Business Chat and other messaging channels in a single web-based workspace where bots and human agents handle all of a brand’s conversations.

LivePerson offers industry-leading AI tools for building, managing and optimizing bots. With real-time intent detection, AI-powered routing, and comprehensive reporting, brands can deliver high-impact, personalized, automated conversations. LivePerson also integrates with other NLU providers, third-party bot technologies, and back-end business systems.

LivePerson powers innovative brands using Apple Business Chat