Click-to-message in Google AdWords. Now for large brands.

Consumers can message brands via SMS direct from mobile ads. LiveEngage connects these inquiries to your sales team.


Google AdWords click-to-message lets consumers message an advertiser via SMS, directly from a mobile pay-per-click ad. LiveEngage is the first platform to ensure that Google AdWords click-to-message interactions are routed to the right people at the right time across geographies, integrating them into your broader marketing programs and operations. LiveEngage also measures these exchanges to make sure processes are optimal and consumers are happy.

Click-to-message ads are a great way for consumers to have an instant, interactive connection to a brand through SMS, but the challenge is handling it at scale, and that’s what our LiveEngage platform can do. We already power the messaging of many of the biggest brands in the world, and we’re excited to add Google’s new format as another option for large brands.

Robert LoCascio, Founder and CEO, LivePerson

Benefits for Brands

Give prospects the option to message you from your ads

68% of consumers say they would prefer to message with a brand instead of calling. Let your consumers connect with you in their most preferred channel.

Connect Adwords to your operations

Messages can be routed to your existing agents who are already servicing your customers at an enterprise wide scale. Within LiveEngage, they can be stored, measured, integrated with your CRM and more.

Scale with additional support from LivePerson

LivePerson provides a pay-for-performance (PFP) team, which answers conversations from ads, and can handle many queries or transfer them to in-house representatives where needed.

Benefits for Consumers

Channel of choice

80% of customers text daily. Connect with customers in their preferred choice of communication.

“Continuous” experience

Even as the conversation moves across care professionals, consumers experience one simple conversation. History is available to the consumer and the brand.

No downloads

No downloads or set up is necessary for consumers.

How it works

Consumers see the text icon in your ad

By tapping "Text," they seamlessly begin a text conversation

The conversation is routed and managed all within LiveEngage

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