The agent workspace

Customer care professionals (CCPs) are the voices of your brand and often the first point of contact to consumers. We value these dedicated individuals and arm them with the best tools possible to create meaningful connections with consumers. The Agent Workspace is designed to meet the stringent needs and goals of connection centers. It also improves the efficiency of your CCPs and reduces the cost of service.

This web-based workspace is compatible with all modern browsers. There’s also zero installation or setup: You can be up and running in under four minutes! If you or your CCPs need to work from the road, you can receive push notifications of incoming messages — wherever you are.

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Consumer Information:
What we know about the consumer involved, such as account info, navigation patterns, shopping cart content, etc., is clearly displayed for the CCP adjacent to the conversation.


Predefined Content:
CCPs don’t have to type out answers to frequently asked questions every time. Quick and powerful search lets them select commonly used answers and enter them directly into the conversation. Plus, hotkeys can be used to save even more time.


Real-Time Data Bar:
Each CCP can view their performance against their KPIs. This display is customized with their personal data and shown within the workspace at any given time and updated in real time.

Beyond text, Cobrowse

CCPs can open a secure Cobrowse session and help consumers navigate a lengthy page or fill out a complex form. This ensures profound, personal contact between CCPs and consumers — while maintaining the highest level of security and privacy.



More information means better service conversations

LiveEngage gives CCPs information about consumers, shown side by side with the conversation.

Agent view of customer information with Salesforce CRM integration

  • CRM integration or integration from any other web-based application — pulls in third-party data into the workspace. (You can set up integrations to web-based tools such as Salesforce, SugarCRM, or Zendesk.)

  • Engagement attributes — including the customer’s name, account information, website actions, shopping cart content and value, error messages, and more, form a well-rounded picture.

  • Behind the scenes, LiveEngage verifies a customer’s identity and creates a secure channel to transfer account information to the Agent Workspace.


Reach goals with real-time performance measurements

Each CCP can view their own operational performance in real time through several KPIs, including number of engagements, average resolution time, utilized capacity (utilization), and CSAT. This data is embedded directly into the workspace, so CCPs always know how they’re doing.
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