Developers Toolkit

The LiveEngage platform includes powerful APIs (application programming interfaces) and tools that help our customers, solution providers, and independent software vendors develop and deploy new applications—extending the reach and expanding the functionality of LiveEngage.

Turn promising ideas into productive applications using LiveEngage APIs—points in our platform that have been exposed so developers can create applications—along with application plug-ins, which are application components of packaged business rules used for visitor intelligence, unique visitor experiences and integrations.  LivePerson provides a complete development and testing environment, documentation, sample code, development and live keys, and LivePerson discussion forums. 

Building applications on the LiveEngage platform provides new opportunities to touch and influence visitors—and deliver increased sales and more effective customer support on the desktop, the web, and mobile devices.

Chat API (JavaScript)

  • Enhance visitor experience with chat sessions initiated from a browser using JavaScript
  • Customize chat windows and invitation designs to fit specific business needs
  • Make chat more engaging by including video, real-time translation and more

Agent API (REST)

  • Create agent chat applications from any desktop, mobile device, or server-based software application
  • Embed the LiveEngage agent console into mobile, desktop or CRM applications
  • Let agents handle and transfer chats while on the go
  • Use LiveEngage technology and business rules to route chats to virtual or real agents


  • Utilize RESTful HTTP-based web services
  • Offer live chat from any software connected to the Internet
  • Connect and interact with customers via mobile text messaging, iPhone/iPad applications, video ads, even Twitter and Facebook

Visit API

  • Monitor visitor activity beyond the website, on mobile applications, social media sites, and desktop applications
  • Add custom variables to monitored website visits
  • Enrich the information gathered about a particular visitor web session with data from a CRM system or other application servers

Application Plug-Ins

LivePerson application plug-ins are components of packaged business rules used to gather visitor intelligence and generate unique visitor experiences and integrations. Use application plug-ins to:

  • Bring in more data sources
  • Respond to visitor events
  • Enhance visitor engagement
  • Interact with the visitor browser or with third-party systems
  • Automate data exchange between multiple applications, such as your CRM platform and Omniture

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