Transform the voice of your customer into actionable insights

Today’s online businesses have no shortage of customer data: chat transcripts, emails, call recordings, CRM notes, web analytics, survey data, social media including blogs, Facebook, and Twitter… But despite the extraordinary amount of data available, translating this information into holistic, accurate, and actionable insights eludes most organisations.

LivePerson Insights combines your chat transcripts with all forms of structured and unstructured data, and delivers actionable insights that empower a wide range of management initiatives across the enterprise. In a quantum leap over existing transcript analysis and reporting processes, LivePerson Insights monitors, measures, and makes sense of customers’ words, behavior, reasons for contact, buying patterns, and sentiments, delivering turn-key intelligence to your desktop, in near-real-time.

Business insights

Through LivePerson Insights, you’ll gain a deep understanding of your customers’ perspectives on your products, service levels, and position in the market.

  • Gain deep insight into customer buying preferences and conversion drivers
  • Find out what customers are saying when they don’t convert
  • Learn what your customers are saying about your competition and pricing
  • Understand what they like and don’t like about your products
  • Find out the policies and processes that are driving additional cost and negative customer sentiment

Chat program insights

Dive deeper into your chat programs to identify new opportunities for increased conversions, programme optimization, and cost reduction through improvements in processes and policies.

  • Root cause analysis – Correlate key metrics such as CSAT, FCR, and AHT to contact types, and use cluster data analysis to uncover themes
  • Trend identification – Quickly spot trends, analyze issues over time, measure effectiveness of scripts and pre-configured content, perform A/B testing to maximize program production

Chat agent optimization

Fully understand what happens in chat agents’ customer conversations where leads, sales, low FCR rates, or high CSAT ratings are measured. Gain a true “voice of the agent” perspective to analyse results alongside your “voice of the customer” analysis.

  • Identify phrases and content used by top performing agents
  • Find out what phrases drive negative customer experiences
  • Stack-rank agents based on performance against key metrics
  • Understand what makes interactions productive and pinpoint how to improve agent performance

Hear the social voice

Through built-in data connectors to Lithium, NM Incite’s Buzz Metrics, and Radian6, as well as direct API connections to Facebook and Twitter, create a “listening” platform that enables a deeper understanding of how customers perceive your brand. Compare these insights to your internal conversations, and immediately see where and how social media is truly influencing your bottom-line.

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LivePerson Insights

LivePerson Insights gives you a deeper understanding of your customer needs that help improve your bottom-line results.

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LivePerson Insights

LivePerson Insights gives you a deeper understanding of your customer needs that help improve your bottom-line results.