Manually creating and optimizing highly-effective segments for online engagement can be a complex and time-consuming process. And as your website—along with user behavior—changes, maintaining and updating these rules can substantially add to this burden. But what if there were a way to automatically and intelligently create these segments, based on actual user behavior? Further, what if these segments could be automatically and dynamically updated based on website, seasonal, and behavioral changes?

Through web analytics-based targeting, LiveEngage is able to eliminate the guesswork and the on-going burden of creating and maintaining effective segments for engaging customers. By examining your website analytics data, LiveEngage can determine where and when engagements are most likely to yield the greatest results. As your analytics data changes, your segments are automatically updated.

How It Works

Web analytics-based targeting plays a key role in creating a frictionless optimization cycle, delivering continually optimized visitor segments and dramatically improved business results.

  • Integrating with Google Analytics, LiveEngage utilizes a proprietary algorithm to analyze data such as page views, navigation paths, bounce rates, and entry and exit points, and determines the best pages for engagement along with the optimal timing for each selected page.
  • Based on these findings, new segments are automatically created and deployed, and are always open to administrative editing.
  • As website content and/or aggregate visitor behavior changes, the segments will automatically change at regular set intervals, based on the latest website analytics data.


  • Eliminates the burden of developing and maintaining a comprehensive set of segments
  • Keeps your segments up-to-date through automatic and frequent updating, based on actual visitor behavior
  • Increases the quality of your segments by eliminating the guesswork
  • Increases engagement rates
  • Increases the volume of “high quality” interactions by engaging visitors at the most appropriate times and places
  • Increases the results of your engagements, as measured through conversions rates, average order values, and customer satisfaction scores

Better Rules Produce Better Results

Optimizing business segments has delivered dramatic performance improvements to clients’ engagement programs. Results include:

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