The Challenge

You’ve made a significant investment in search marketing to drive traffic to your site. But are you doing everything you can to maximize your return on this investment once that traffic reaches your website? What if you were able to continuously analyze your search marketing campaign data and—based on that analysis—engage with just the right visitors, on just the right page, and at just the right time? Better yet, what if that entire process was fully automated?

The Solution

With LiveEngage's keyword-based targeting, you can! And expect to see lift in your search traffic conversion rates by over 25%* as a direct result.

Through keyword-based targeting, LiveEngage automatically analyzes your search campaign data every 24 hours through a proprietary keyword-scoring algorithm designed to identify keywords with the greatest potential to boost your ROI. With this built-in intelligence, and based on the keywords visitors use to find your site, selected visitors are engaged at the optimal time and place, engaging the visitors and driving results.

Because keyword-based targeting continuously works in the background, it automatically adjusts to changes in user behavior (e.g. seasonal changes and trends), as well as changes to your search campaigns and website content. New opportunities to optimize sales are automatically identified, and the most relevant keywords will always be targeted.

* Based on actual, measured results from existing clients.


Substantially increase conversions

Creates personalized, intent-driven user experiences

Maximize ROI on search marketing spend

Easy to deploy and manage

  • One-time setup is quick and requires no IT involvement
  • Automatically adjusts to changes in behavioral trends, pay-per-click campaigns, and website content

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