LiveEngage provides uniquely powerful visitor-targeting capabilities that have proven to increase conversions by 20 to 25%.  By leveraging a patented, self-learning algorithm that examines complex sets of visitor behavioral patterns, interaction records, outcome data, and other variables, Predictive Intelligent Targeting is able to identify whom to engage, when, and how.

Through Predictive Intelligent Targeting, LiveEngage uses its vast resources of collected data to:

  • Create a predictive statistical model—of whom to engage, when, and how—based on historic data about visitor interactions, real-time behavior, and available customer intelligence
  • Score and filter current visitors against the model
  • Engage them when the model detects a “high-stakes” situation and predicts they are likely to want and accept help (and subsequently convert)
  • Tune the model to align with ROI objectives

Through machine learning, Predictive Intelligent Targeting will then monitor behavioral patterns and results, and continuously improve the model, driving ongoing performance improvements.

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