The current landscape

There has never been an effective and unbiased method to measure the relationship between brands and consumers. Until now...

Today’s current metrics — net promoter score (NPS), customer satisfaction (CSAT), and customer effort score (CES) — all rely on customer surveys. But these methods have many issues. Surveys disrupt the customer journey. As a result, not everyone takes the time to respond, and the response rate is low. Besides, it turns out that those who actually take the time to respond are usually your happiest customers — which skews your results.

LiveEngage embraces the Meaningful Connection Score (MCS)

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What is MCS?

The MCS service is an automated, unbiased way of measuring the relationship between consumers and brands. But it doesn’t rely on customer surveys. Instead, it analyzes the emotional content of each consumer's conversations with a brand.

How is it calculated?
The MCS service makes a determination through a powerful text-analytics system based on advanced natural language processing techniques, customized specifically to live chat conversations.

During an exchange between customer and CCP, each message is analyzed in real time (as soon as they press “send”) and gets a positive or negative score — again in real time. Messages’ scores are continuously combined to determine the emotional content of the conversation. An overall Conversation MCS is assigned at the end.

How's it presented in LiveEngage?
Today, we use Conversation MCS — a positive or negative indicator measuring someone’s feelings toward a company based on the emotions expressed during a conversation. It’s delivered to the CCP in real time so they can react quickly... and change the direction if the conversation is going down the wrong path.

Coming soon...
MCS will provide:

  • Brand MCS — a combined numerical score representing the strength of the consumer brand relationship. This can be calculated for an entire account or any subset thereof.