Powerful, scalable, and amazingly simple brand-to-consumer messaging tools

LivePerson has been the leading provider of chat for more than 20 years. We take pride in our constant innovation that makes us the industry leader in all desktop and mobile messaging applications.

Our product, LiveEngage®, now lets you message consumers through the channel of their choice. Whether on your website, app, or mobile web, engagements can be set up anywhere and customized however you want. Consumers can contact you or, more importantly, continue a conversation with you — starting off wherever it’s most convenient for them.


Introducing mobile messaging between consumers and brands

Consumers today are accustomed to messaging with friends and family. So, we’ve taken this communication method and built features on top of it that adjust to connection center operations and consumer expectations.



Committed response time: To set consumers’ expectations and provide a high level of service, our messaging app tells customers when they can expect a response. For urgent issues requiring more immediate attention, certain consumers can elect to mark their inquiries as urgent to have them handled more quickly.

Resolve an inquiry: At the heart of C2B messaging is the ability to be always connected and start a conversation anytime. Still, everyone involved needs to know when an issue has been fixed. We’ve built out this functionality, so the consumer or customer care professional can mark any part of the conversation as “resolved” when it is. Additionally consumers have the opportunity to give their feedback on every conversation and topic. This important input is routed to the brand in real time.

Urgent Resolve

Shift more calls to messaging

It’s time to ditch voice. Encourage callers to find immediate service through messaging (it probably won’t take much). Let VIPs or people with simple inquiries jump to the front of the line — your IVR (i) can send an SMS inviting the caller to launch a mobile messaging conversation for more immediate service.


Connect anytime, anywhere on the go

Stay connected with your consumers through mobile messaging and never miss an opportunity to create a meaningful connection.

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Enterprise-grade messaging means enterprise-grade security

Security is always a concern when it comes to conducting business over messaging. But we make it our priority. Because this is one of our core, guiding principles behind everything we do, LivePerson is recognized as a leader in security for cloud-based services. Plus, we’ve been doing it for more than 15 years.
Learn more about LiveEngage security.


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