Proactive two-way messaging

With LivePerson’s Proactive Messaging, brands can send consumers outbound messages on a variety of channels to initiate marketing and customer care conversations that increase revenue and reduce operational costs.

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Create conversations, not spam

Consumers overwhelmingly prefer messaging conversations to phone or email, and consumers that engage in messaging conversations are 3x more likely to make a purchase than those who don’t.

Proactive Messaging from LivePerson makes it easy to engage consumers with targeted campaigns, then respond to questions and sales inquiries in the same convenient conversation.

Proactive Messaging

Deliver better care at lower costs

Don’t make your consumers call and wait on hold to get support or information. Use Proactive Messaging to start conversations on topics like account updates or service outages to reduce inbound call and email volume and increase consumer satisfaction.

Proactive Messaging

One platform for every channel and conversation

LiveEngage is the industry’s leading conversation management platform. It offers a single place to manage inbound and outbound messages from every channel, and layers in powerful chatbots for better consumer experiences and lower operational costs.

LiveEngage connects to CRM and other back-end systems so that brands can easily manage marketing, sales, and customer care KPIs for proactive campaigns while getting a complete view of the entire consumer journey.

Proactive Messaging