LiveEngage data and reporting are presented in context, per person, and per need. Business owners, customer care professionals, managers, and campaign directors receive only information relevant to them automatically when they log in. It’s built directly into their workspace, so they don’t need to search, filter, sort, or download any data.

Introducing real-time operational data

For the first time ever, customer care professionals can see their daily operational KPI metrics updated in real time, at any time, directly from their workspace while chatting with customers. Managers also automatically see the current KPIs relevant to their roles.

Historical data and information about operations and business results can be viewed from the LiveEngage BI Database. These reports are easily accessed within the workspace and provide several helpful filters and views to see your data from different angles.

Export in real time or over time

Export LiveEngage operational data using APIs and integrate it into your applications, dashboards, or databases. Real-time operational APIs let contact centers merge live chat operational data and metrics with any channel. The Engagement History API sends transcripts and all related data for storage and integration into other databases.

Our Reports


Real-Time Customer Care Professional (CCP) Data

CCPs have full transparency into their performance — at any point during their shift.


Contact Center Manager Real-Time Data

When managers log into LiveEngage, they automatically see the real-time shift KPI bar and dashboard with the metrics they need to keep an eye on.


Contact Center Manager Historical Analytics

Managers have daily, weekly, and monthly views of engagement and agent activity.


Campaign Performance and ROI Snapshot

ROI and revenues achieved by campaign or across an entire account are clearly visible to campaign managers.


Deep Campaign Performance and ROI Analytics

LiveEngage campaign reporting lets you view, filter, and sort historical campaign information in more detail — including cross-session reports.


Driving Consumer Sentiment

Using specialized text analytics, the system identifies and flags the things customers are talking about.

  • The real-time KPI bar displays the number of engagements, engagements per hour, average conversation length, and CSAT.
  • The real-time CCP dashboard unveils interactive engagement volumes, average engagement length, log-in information, online time, and CSAT breakdown.
  • The manager KPI bar includes queue health information — overall abandonment rate, number of connected engagements, number of abandoned engagements, average time to answer, and average time to abandon.
  • The manager real-time queue health dashboard includes detailed graphs on average response times and abandonment rates. A breakdown by skill is also provided for all metrics to analyze groups driving queue metrics.
  • For a more thorough analysis across multiple days or weeks, in-depth BI reports are available to managers and display flexible means to see operational data. All reports contain filters as well as the ability to export information.
  • You can see campaign data for an individual campaign or for an entire account. Conversion measurements and revenue can be tracked per account, agent, or skill. For accurate ROI tracking, LiveEngage also displays conversions from returning customers who’ve had a previous engagement (cross-session conversions).
  • The campaign performance KPI bar includes a funnel overview, starting from the number of visits, prospects for each campaign, exposure to campaigns, engagements, and revenue ROI. The campaign dashboard breaks down revenue and conversion reporting by goal type (e.g., sales vs. service), conversion-rate trends, and conversions directly derived from live engagements.
  • Get deeper insights into the performance of your operations by customer type, campaign type, engagement attributes, and more.
  • This embedded, powerful analytics dashboard provides immediate insight into what draws customers toward a brand or pushes them away.

For more details on all our reports please view this page on your desktop computer.


For Customer Care Professionals

KPI bar real-time data
# of engagements
Engagements per hour
Avg. length of engagement
Dashboard real-time data
Engagement volumes
Log-in/online information
Engagement length over time
CSAT breakdown

For Contact Center Managers

KPI bar real-time data
Abandoned rate
Connected customers
Abandoned customers
Avg. time to abandoned
Avg. time to answer
Dashboard real-time data
Avg. time to answer/abandon
Abandon rate
Breakdown by skill
Reports with historical data
Daily, weekly, and monthly views of engagement and agent activity


KPI bar performance data
Funnel overview
Number of visits
Prospects for each campaign
Exposure to campaign engagements
Revenue ROI
Dashboard campaign
Breaks down revenue and conversion by goal type
Conversion rate trends
Conversions from live engagements
Reports with historical data
View, filter, and sort historical campaign data including cross-session reports


Using specialized text analytics, the system identifies and flags hot topics your customers are talking about.

For more details on all our reports please view this page on your desktop computer.