Video Guide: The future of B2B marketing

Video Guide: The future of B2B marketing

woman scheduling a demo via text messaging

The future of all marketing is conversational

Buying B2B products and services takes you on a sadly familiar journey. It starts with search, display ads, social, or some other traffic source. Then, prospects are left to navigate complex websites in hopes that they’ll fill out forms and convert to leads. The trouble is, less than 5% of them are converting.

There is a better, more convenient way. Messaging with Conversational AI allows consumers to engage on their own time, in their preferred channels. Anywhere you can put a link, you can drive directly to a messaging conversation, instead of a landing page. These Conversational Marketing strategies have proven to increase conversion rates by 20%+ and speed sales cycles by up to 30% by cutting out unnecessary steps, streamlining meeting scheduling, and reducing drop-off rates.

Watch the video above for more steps on transforming your funnel, essential for B2B...and all brands, really.