Description of Starter Package and associated Usage Charges

An Engagement Credit is the applicable unit used to charge Customer or Company (“Customer”) for use of any part of the Conversational Cloud channels listed below (“Engagement Credit“). Customer agrees that certain technologies, messaging channels and features , listed below, are subject to the additional product terms.

Daily Active Relationship or DAR (“DAR”): A Daily Active Relationship is incurred and counted when an end user or the Customer sends at least one message to the other during a calendar day. The start and end time for a DAR is based on the time zone for the Customer’s Site ID, which may be chosen by the Customer in the Conversational Cloud. If a conversation continues from one calendar day into the next day, then an additional DAR will be incurred.

The package includes 2,000 DAR per month. If Customer consumes more than 2,000 DAR, Customer will be charged an additional $39 for each 100 DAR consumed in excess of the 2,000 DAR threshold. Customer will be billed for the additional DAR on a monthly basis in arrears. Customer agrees that Customer cannot exceed more than 10 platform Users and a platform user includes access to the platform for a human agent and a bot.

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The below Conversational Cloud Products is included in the Customer’s package.

Product NameDescription of Conversational Cloud Product and Special Considerations
Conversation BuilderCreate bots and dialogues, configure knowledge base, build and maintain agent assist bots.
Intent Manager Includes Intent Analyzer and Intent Builder. Access to industry starter packs where available (English only). Listening by the service also incurs a 0.2 credit per DAR; if the conversation extends across more than 1 DAR, an additional 0.2 credits per DAR will be charged for that conversation.
Proactive Messaging Enables Customer to proactively send messages on SMS. SMS gateway & phone number costs are not included and Customer must use its own gateway.

Conversational Cloud Messaging Channels*

The below listed messaging channels will each consume 1 Engagement Credit per DAR regardless of whether a human agent or virtual agent/Bot, or both, is utilized in the conversation. Use of any of the below early release Messaging Channels are subject to the early adopter terms.

Messaging ChannelsSpecial Considerations
Email MessagingNone.
Facebook MessengerNone.
SMSSMS gateway & phone number costs are not included, Customer must use its own gateway or purchase use of LivePerson’s provided gateway separately.
Web MessagingNone.

Customer may be able to access or use connectors that integrate third party applications or services with the Conversational Cloud channel. Customer’s use of any third party applications and services (e.g., Facebook) are and will remain governed by Customer’s separate agreement with such third party provider.

General Conversational Cloud Features.

All features listed below will incur a charge of 1 Engagement Credit each time the Customer uses one of the features unless otherwise stated in the below table. Customer will be invoiced for its use of the below features in addition to any applicable usage charges for the Messaging Channels listed above.

Feature NameSpecial Consideration and Description
Co-BrowseUsage is incurred when an interactive Co-Browse session is established.
FunctionsCustomer may use Functions free of charge for up to 150,000 invocations per month. Should Customer exceed the above cap, Customer’s continued usage will consume 1 Credit for every 250 invocations. An Invocation is triggered each time an event calls upon a function to be utilized.

This page was last updated September 4th, 2020