LivePerson’s Conversation Insights Terms of Use

Conversation Insights is a subscription based research product used to analyze and visualize the correlation between text in conversation transcripts and key performance indicators (the “Service”). Company agrees that the analysis and information provided by LivePerson is not a substitute for Company’s independent evaluation and analysis, and should not be considered a recommendation to pursue any course of action.

By using the Service, Company agrees that (i) conversation transcripts may be de-encrypted to perform the required analysis; (ii) conversation transcripts will be stored for up to 15 months; (iii) Company will provide no more than 200,000 documents within a single data stream for LivePerson’s analysis and review; and (iv) limited information may be shared with the third-party technology partner for product interoperation. A data stream consists of a time-bound grouping of text data (e.g., conversations, survey verbatims) using predetermined time frames (months, quarters). Company may elect to aggregate their data into smaller streams by using monthly aggregations (instead of quarterly), and sampling and filtering (by skill or other attribute).

LivePerson may terminate Company’s access to the Service immediately if Company fails to pay any outstanding invoices for the Service. Access will terminate immediately if the existing agreement between LivePerson and Company terminates or expires. LivePerson provides the Service as is, and disclaims all warranties, whether express or implied, including, but not limited to, warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purposes, and non-infringement. LivePerson, and the third-party provider, as applicable, shall retain all intellectual property rights to the Service. Company shall use the Service in accordance with applicable laws, and if required by applicable law, shall provide notice to Company’s customers and obtain consent, for use of the Service.

Updated: November 16, 2020