Real-time intent analysis for improved customer interactions

LivePerson’s LiveIntent uses AI to examine consumer conversations, identify intents in real time, and deliver actionable insights for brands to quickly optimize messaging and automation operations.

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Identify every consumer intent

Using Natural Language Understanding, LiveIntent analyzes consumer conversations with bot and human agents to detect their intent. From there, LivePerson’s Maven AI routes consumers to the best bot or human agents to resolve their inquiries, creating personalized experiences at scale.

Natural Language Understanding

Actionable data for fast optimizations

LiveIntent's dashboard tracks intents and conversations throughout the entire consumer journey so that brands can quickly evaluate and improve the automations and operations that handle specific inquiries. It empowers brands to uncover new and high-impact intents in real-time, making it easy to optimize policies for greater efficiency and consumer satisfaction.

LiveIntent dashboard

Single platform to build, measure, repeat

LiveIntent's detection and reporting capabilities are directly integrated with our bot building platform, conversation management platform, and AI engine. Using this consolidated platform, brands can modify chatbots, improve routing, and create new automations and content to support human agents based on data-driven insights.

LiveIntent dashboard