Maven AI

Our AI examines every turn of a conversation in order to create high-impact, personalized experiences for consumers while maximizing brand and agent efficiency.

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Personalize customer journeys with advanced routing

Maven AI-Powered Routing uses natural language understanding to analyze consumer intents, combines them with conversational context, then routes consumers to the most relevant chatbot or human agent to resolve their inquiry. This creates personalized experiences that ensure the best possible outcomes for brands and consumers.

Intent Directing

Increase agent efficiency with Maven recommendations

Maven Assist improves agent efficiency by examining active conversations and recommending the optimal actions for human agents to address consumer inquiries in real-time. The AI shadows agents in every conversation and makes suggestions, then agents select the most relevant chatbots or knowledge base articles to resolve the conversation.

Maven uses machine learning to improve these recommendations over time, enabling agents to handle a greater volume of conversations and increasing consumer satisfaction with faster, more accurate replies.

Connect Maven to your business

Maven includes a set of developer tools that can make your existing chatbots and applications smarter. Bots and applications can connect to the Ask Maven API which recommends the optimal next action or reply, giving businesses the ability to add AI decision-making and machine learning capabilities to existing applications.

With Maven’s Context Warehouse, businesses are able to aggregate data from multiple sources like external CRM systems, enhancing Maven’s ability to make hyper-relevant decisions.

Machine Learning