LivePerson helps millions of T-Mobile customers message for service

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T-Mobile is one of the first companies in the world to offer customer service via in-app messaging.

New York, Nov. 9, 2016 • LivePerson, Inc. (Nasdaq: LPSN), a leading provider of cloud mobile and online business messaging solutions, today announced that T-Mobile has launched LivePerson’s mobile messaging as a customer service option for Un-carrier customers. The new messaging service is available in the T-Mobile app and powered by LivePerson’s flagship software platform, LiveEngage.

“T-Mobile is recognized for having exceptional customer care, and LivePerson has been a great partner in building and exploring creative solutions to better support our customers,” said Nick Drake, T-Mobile senior vice president, digital. “We’ve set out to be more mobile, more personal, and more Un-carrier in how our customers connect with our frontline and care teams, and that is exactly what we are doing. Our customer satisfaction rates continue to rise, and we are just getting started.”

T-Mobile is recognized for having exceptional customer care, and LivePerson has been a great partner in building and exploring creative solutions to better support our customers.

— Nick Drake, Senior Vice President, Digital, T-Mobile

The service, which went live in June, allows T-Mobile customers to press a “Message Us” button inside the T-Mobile app and be connected to the company’s award-winning customer care team for a messaging experience that is similar to the mobile messaging apps that consumers already use today. Like conversations in popular mobile messengers and unlike traditional, session-based chats, consumers can message back and forth over time with a specific and consistent care specialist when it is convenient for them.

“We have the privilege of working with some of the most innovative companies in the world on their digital customer care initiatives, and T-Mobile has been one of the earliest to recognize the power and potential of mobile messaging between consumers and brands,” said LivePerson founder and CEO Rob LoCascio. “LiveEngage is the first enterprise messaging platform to provide the scale, security, and reliability for a company like T-Mobile. We’re excited to announce our work with T-Mobile in helping them transform their customer care through digital.”

The LiveEngage platform powers the customer experience LiveEngage lets customers interact with T-Mobile’s customer care team in the same way they message friends and family, on their own terms and in their own time with push notifications and alerts when the care team responds. The experience is embedded into T-Mobile’s app using LiveEngage’s mobile APIs. Conversations incorporate all past history, so a customer or care team member can scroll back in time for historical reference thus eliminating the need to describe the same issue to multiple care agents.

T-Mobile has currently implemented messaging across its iOS app and through the T-Mobile website, with an Android solution coming soon. With LivePerson’s asynchronous web capability, conversations sync across mobile devices and T-Mobile’s support website. This means customers can switch between devices and continue the same thread with customer care seamlessly.