Study: Enhancing customer experience through automation, AI, and chatbots: A spotlight on travel and entertainment

Forrester's Enhancing Customer Experience through Automation study cover.

<lead>LivePerson commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the use of AI and automation in the travel and entertainment customer journey. Expectations are rising and customers are turning to Conversational Commerce to interact in a more efficient and personal way. Effectively facilitating these conversations is more important than ever for travel and entertainment companies as more customers are turning to mobile to make their purchase decisions.<lead>

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  • Customers in the travel and entertainment industry are more impatient than customers in other industries Forrester examined, demonstrating the need for personalized, easy, and timely interactions.
  • Companies turn to automation, AI, and chatbots for marketing, sales, and customer support tasks. This shift helps to automate routine tasks, gain more insights on customer interactions, and improve product pricing and cart recommendations.
  • Travel and entertainment companies that use automation, AI, and chatbots have a higher than average customer retention rate.