Study: Use of automation, AI, and chatbots to improve customer engagements

Cover of Forrester's May 2019 automation report

A new study from Forrester Consulting commissioned by LivePerson in May 2019 looks at how business decision makers around the globe are using AI and automation in the customer journey.

As customers increasingly turn to Conversational Commerce (the ability to use messaging apps to ask questions, make purchases, and get help), their expectations are also changing. According to the study, customers expect their interactions to be “personalized,” “effective,” and “easy.” Only about a third of businesses feel they can react to customer wants and needs in real time. Companies are shifting away from phone and in-person interactions towards chat and messaging to serve customers. Usage of chatbots and automation is also expected to increase.

The study “found that companies must use automation, AI, and human resources together to deliver interactions that are in line with customer expectations. This combination drives loyalty, satisfaction, and revenue, while giving companies invaluable access to additional data on interactions.”

Increasing revenue to the company is the top driver for using AI/automation, with 76% of users of AI reporting that they achieved higher revenue growth over the last 12 months versus the previous 12 months.

Read the study to learn more about how businesses are using AI and automation and recommendations for brands’ customer engagement strategies.