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Outdoor retailer Backcountry replicates the in-store experience online with LivePerson

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Outdoor online retailer Backcountry relies on LivePerson’s Conversational Cloud platform to digitally engage with its customers. The company wanted to leverage the unique expertise of its employees by replicating an in-store experience in a digital atmosphere. Together, LivePerson and Backcountry created the innovative Neighborhoods operating framework to solve this need, which has now been adopted by large brands.

This system, which Backcountry called “Gearheads,” gave visitors personalized attention and recommendations based on their needs, provided by teams of people (the “Gearheads”) who loved and specialized in that particular area. The solution has delivered tangible results that helped boost revenue, retain customers, and build customer loyalty.

Backcountry has witnessed a 50% improvement in average order in addition to a CSAT of more than 80%. Customers using the chat program were found to be 10x more likely to purchase than those using self-service channels, and the company achieved a 30% increase in agent utilization.