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Bankwest drives world-class CSAT to 93% with in-app messaging

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Bankwest strives to lead Australia in world-class digital customer service. The 123-year-old financial institution believes deflecting customers or putting them on hold is the wrong approach. As customer expectations shift, Bankwest quickly realized the fundamental changes in the way their customers preferred to communicate. They needed a channel that was both always-on and also cross-platform, which made it easy to get answers anytime and anywhere.


With LivePerson’s Conversational Cloud platform, Bankwest rolled out authenticated web messaging to replace their existing chat function, followed by in-app messaging. Messaging allows clients to start a conversation through a web browser on a desktop and continue the conversation at anytime through the Bankwest app (or vice versa) in a secure environment.

“We truly delivered an outstanding product at the end of the day”

— Louise Tovey, General Manager, Everyday Banking


Implementing App and Web Messaging has enabled Bankwest to offer their customers an always-on, 24/7 solution that works on their schedule. Customers can message with Bankwest as easily as they talk to their friends and family.

With messaging, Bankwest saw an increase of more than 8% in CSAT, peaking at 93%, and over 100% increase in concurrency. Today, nearly 20% of their customer care traffic goes through messaging. As a result of this implementation, both customers and Bankwest’s contact centre agents report positive feedback, including an increase in agent productivity and morale.

20% + of Customer Care Interactions are on Messaging

8% improvement in CSAT compared to chat, peaking at 93%

Concurrency increase from 3 chats up to 10 messages

Driving Users to Messaging through IVR