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Magenta Telekom actions its vision for customer service

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In April 2019, Magenta Telekom led the way in driving innovation for its agents and customers alike. Their slogan, “Digitization. Simply. Make it happen.”, was put into action and a digital transformation project was launched that focuses on enhancing customer experience.

Increased in CSAT by 61%

Increased in productivity by 31%

Reduced staff attrition

Magenta Telekom now offers a conversational alternative to voice calls and traditional emails that enables customers to engage with Magenta Telekom via WhatsApp and web messaging. Customers are offered a messaging conversation when they call into the IVR, giving them an opportunity to resolve their query in a faster, more convenient way.

“Our aim was to offer a channel, which our customers already use to communicate with friends and family,” explains Andreas Biehler, VP Customer Steering & Support, Magenta Telekom. “We wanted to shift from emails and voice to a more modern way of communication that also leads into higher customer satisfaction and an increase in productivity of our agents.”

"The only way to scale was to get away from manual ticketing and invest in messaging and automation."

— Andreas Biehler, VP Customer Steering & Support

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In the beginning of their conversational journey, Magenta Telekom focused on launching basic functionalities that can be built upon by means of customer and employee feedback to continuously improve customer experience and performance. In order to be successful, they quickly realized the importance of taking relevant stakeholder feedback into account. It was crucial to have short feedback loops with the people that know their customers best — their contact center agents.

Their contact centers in Graz and Vienna handle a five-digit number of weekly customer requests through messaging. The agents are supported by concierge and routing bots, reducing easily automated parts of the conversation.

In 2020, Magenta Telekom aims to go beyond a simple concierge bot by adopting even more automation and AI into their contact center operations. In order to operate at scale, they plan to invest into LivePerson’s Conversational AI. Natural Language Understanding and AI will route requests more efficiently and seamlessly, which will lighten the pressure put on agents by eliminating these tasks. Easy and recurring requests can then be handled by bots, such as finding out the order status or receiving information on the latest invoice, while agents can focus on more complex customer requests.

Another vision of Magenta Telekom is to reduce outbound email volume by 50% by means of introducing proactive two-way messaging. Andreas Biehler considers this a crucial step to increase response rate, improve customer experience, and streamline agent efficiency by reaching out and interacting with customers in the messaging channels they most prefer. From the first order confirmation to product and service updates to renewal alerts, Magenta Telekom gives customers the option to message back after receiving a care alert.

Magenta Telekom made digitization simply happen by introducing AI-powered messaging in their contact center, leading to happier customers, happier agents, and significant efficiencies for the business.