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Global insurance partner uses WhatsApp to deliver premium patient services

Discover how MDabroad’s conversational transformation led to higher-quality interactions and an 18% increase in agent efficiency.

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<lead-periwinkle-light>MDabroad works with some of the industry’s largest healthcare insurers to extend real-time coverage to travellers and expats. Using WhatsApp Business, they’re able to deliver industry-leading service and reduce operational costs.<lead-periwinkle-light>

MDabroad is an industry-leading insurance partner with clients like Aetna, Allianz, and Zurich — but back in 2017 their contact center was facing the familiar burden of high call and email volumes combined with low agent efficiency. With multilingual healthcare experts operating their contact center 24/7 to deliver a high standard of care, these inefficiencies quickly added up to high costs.

In order to communicate with patients overseas, MDabroad needed an international messaging solution that worked regardless of country or mobile carrier, helped reduce calls and emails while making agents more efficient, and offered enterprise-grade data security. Ultimately, they partnered with LivePerson to implement the world’s most popular messaging app — WhatsApp.

To learn how MDabroad leveraged this channel, download the case study guide above.