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Virgin Atlantic Success Story

Virgin Atlantic, a leader in the airline industry, differentiates strongly on customer experience – offering end-to-end differentiated service starting at the point of booking via their website. This unique approach is not without its challenges. The Virgin Atlantic team found email unsatisfactory among its customers as email queries took an estimated 48 hours to answer. The airline also wanted to improve ticket sales conversion rates and catch website visitors who were dropping off before completing the booking process.

To address these varied challenges, LivePerson’s live chat solution was implemented. As a result, Virgin Atlantic achieved a conversion rate of 22%. Customers found the emphasis on chat increasingly helpful which lifted Virgin Atlantic’s NetPromoter score by 5% and the customer satisfaction score (CSAT) has risen to 80%. Service costs were also reduced as the cost-per-chat was less than the cost-per-email. With live chat, order values also increased by 15%.

“This year we had our first ever Live Chat Millionaire, a chat agent who was the first to personally achieve £1 million in sales via chat on our website, which was achieved in record time, 20% less time than a typical telephone agent.” — John Giddings, General Manager, Virgin Atlantic Contact Centres, UK and US

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