Success Story

Virgin Atlantic routes travelers from IVR to SMS

Virgin Atlantic flight

Virgin Atlantic is renowned for putting customers at the heart of its business and delivering unique customer experiences

Continuing to invest in areas that its customers truly value, Virgin Atlantic launched a new SMS messaging service in June 2018 that offers travelers an instant and effortless way to connect with the airline directly from their mobile device. Instead of waiting on hold for a voice agent, the IVR-to-SMS messaging solution powered by LivePerson’s Conversational Cloud platform allows customers to move their call with Virgin Atlantic over to an SMS conversation, where they can interact with the brand at their convenience, anytime and anywhere — just as they do with family and friends.

50% of all customers using messaging are leaving a survey, and CSAT has climbed to 95% within weeks.

“Even though customers can’t hear my voice, I’m still able to successfully deliver the warm, friendly, and personalized service that our customers know and love Virgin Atlantic for, all through messaging!”

~ Zoe Thomas, Messaging Agent

6 weeks after embracing messaging…




avg growth in number of calls shifted to messaging


of agents are ecstatic about it

Beyond IVR to SMS

Virgin Atlantic is planning to drive even more customers to messaging by promoting its SMS number on its “Help Centre” webpage, and encouraging customers to “Text Us” to initiate a conversation with the brand directly.

Following LivePerson’s recent integration with WhatsApp, Virgin Atlantic is now looking to add both WhatsApp and in-app messaging through its mobile app. These new endpoints would provide customers with the personalized and exceptional experiences that differentiate Virgin Atlantic from other airlines.

“Our ambition is to be the airline most loved by customers. That’s why we have embraced messaging and are meeting our customers’ needs in their channel of choice, on their terms. Our CSAT scores are fantastic, Advisor Engagement is higher than ever before, and we have considerable efficiencies on the horizon. We are truly flying high.”

~ David Saines, Operational Change Manager