The MDabroad Success Story

Customer success story

International insurance partner MDabroad uses WhatsApp to deliver efficient, high-quality patient services

The MDabroad Success Story

MDabroad works with some of the industry’s largest healthcare insurers to extend real-time coverage to travellers and expats. Using WhatsApp Business, they’re able to deliver industry-leading service and reduce operational costs.

MDabroad is an industry-leading insurance partner with clients like Aetna, Allianz, and Zurich, but back in 2017 their contact center was facing the familiar burden of high call and email volumes combined with low agent efficiency. With multilingual healthcare experts operating their contact center 24/7 to deliver a high standard of care, these inefficiencies quickly added up to high costs.

In order to communicate with patients overseas, MDabroad needed an international messaging solution that works regardless of country or mobile carrier, could help reduce calls and emails while making agents more efficient, and offered enterprise-grade data security. They ultimately partnered with LivePerson to implement the world’s most popular messaging app — WhatsApp.

"WhatsApp makes it easier for users to ask questions, for healthcare providers to collaborate with us, and for our agents to efficiently manage both."


"Bots are the next step in improving case management for our agents and delivering faster responses."

LivePerson’s WhatsApp Business integration elevated MDabroad’s customer service experience by giving patients and providers the ability to ask questions and conveniently exchange rich information. With it, MDabroad’s patients are able to directly share HIPAA compliant documents (such as medical records, plan information, and pharmacy discount cards), while providers can schedule visits and deliver invoices. The integration makes it possible to match patient WhatsApp IDs against MDabroad’s proprietary CRM so that agents can quickly confirm their identity and easily refer to all the relevant context to resolve each case.

“WhatsApp makes it easier for patients to ask questions, for providers to collaborate with us to treat them, and for our agents to efficiently manage both,” explained Scott Rosen, Founder and President of MDabroad. “Messaging with WhatsApp is overwhelmingly better than emails or calls — it makes it possible for us to deliver a much higher standard of service for our clients and policyholders.”

MDabroad’s agents are also able to proactively check in with patients about their experience in their open WhatsApp conversation, increasing the speed and volume of close rates. Shifting caseload management from calls and emails to WhatsApp conversations led to an 18% increase in number of cases handled per agent. The ability to provide faster, higher-quality service has given MDabroad an innovative advantage over other international providers that have yet to adopt messaging, bolstering their ability to attract new clients and partners.

AI-powered conversations continue to elevate insurance

After converting a large portion of their communications to WhatsApp messages and consolidating them on a single platform, MDabroad is turning its focus to automation. “We know predictably that 70% of our consumer inquiries can be automated with highly personalized chatbots to identify patients, gather information, and facilitate triage,” Rosen explained. “Bots are the next step in improving case management by helping to get patients into the hands of the right people, fast. We’re thrilled to have LivePerson as a partner to build an unprecedented, personal insurance experience.”