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Consumer Tipping Point: How Time Warner Cable Connects for Customer Care

Your customers aren’t “digital” - few if any would call themselves that. But the way they connect with each other and brands is. Smart brands have transitioned the way they serve customers to these more popular channels - web, mobile, messaging, chat - as a way to provide better care and lower costs. But some brands still believe the phone is how consumers want to connect - mostly because there is no other option.  

Join Alon Waks, Head of Product Marketing at LivePerson, with Kyle Scofield, VP of Alternative Care Channels, and Carter Calle, Director of Online Operations of Time Warner Cable to hear how customer service has changed and how to change with it. Hear about TWC’s digital care strategy and the results they’ve achieved by continuously evolving their program to keep pace with customers.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why consumer behavior should be driving how you connect, not the other way around.
  • How serving consumers on digital improves customer experience and operational costs, and the new metrics driving success.
  • What changes to consider to your customer care program and the effect on customer retention and satisfaction.

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