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Secrets to High Impact Targeting

Best-in-class companies know the secret to converting high value visitors: You need to engage them at the moment they are most likely to convert, while they are still on your site. The secret to their success is in identifying, segmenting and targeting those who are high impact – shoppers with high shopping cart values, price comparison shoppers, shoppers who want to buy more but have questions - and engage each differently to convert into a lifetime customer. Best-in-class companies who are able to engage live when the stakes are high have successfully converted more of their existing visitors by at least 20%, while increasing average order value by 35%.Alon Waks, Director of Product Marketing and Head of Go-To-Market Strategy, shares: how to identify the profile and intent of a high stakes visitors, how to intelligently engage the right visitors at the right time to increase conversions and decrease bounce rates, and real-world examples from Home Depot and Verizon on how to target and engage high impact visitors.

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