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Goals As Criteria for Success

Goals help you measure the success and progress of your campaigns. They help clarify whether you are falling short, meeting or exceeding your business objectives.

They provide you with a specific metric against which you can clearly measure what your progress and lift have been over time. There are several different types of goals, which can focus on reaching a specific URL, observing whether a transaction has taken place, or whether a lead was generated.

Goals are focused on what you aim to achieve with your campaign, and each campaign is focused around a single goal. Having a clearly defined goal helps you focus on how you aim to measure your success. Goals are also closely related to control groups which help you see how your campaigns would perform if your users would not be exposed to banners and chat invitations at all.

For each campaign, define a goal that reflects the criteria that you wish to assess. Examples of campaign goals might be to sell a product, generate leads, and/or increase page views. Once you have defined a goal, you can measure the level of its achievement.

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