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Implementing the LiveEngage Tag on Your Website and Known CMS's

In your first encounter with LiveEngage, you will be asked to add the LiveEngage tag to your website. The tag is the piece of code that connects your website to the LiveEngage system. Every page of your website that contains the tag is a potential contact point, or engagement, with your customers.

With the tag deployed, you can create engagements that constantly collect extensive data about your customers, such as geolocation, IP address, web pages visited, time on each page, previous customer history, and even chat transcripts. It allows you to monitor your visitors in real-time, enable engagement campaigns and publish them to your website.

Begin using LiveEngage by placing the LiveEngage Tag on your website; this allows you to start engaging your customers. Once the LiveEngage Tag is placed on as many pages as possible, you will be able to monitor your visitors and connect with them based on their real time behavior.

Once you have the tag generated with your site id, you can embed it in various CMS platforms. Follow the instructions on embedding code on the CMS relevant to you:

Note: Please make sure to follow the instructions appropriate for the specific version of your CMS