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Multitasking with Hot Keys (Agent shortcuts)

From the moment your shift starts, until its very end, you’re in a constant balancing act. You do your best to maximize the level of service you provide to customers, while achieving your own professional goals. To help you cope with multiple, simultaneous tasks, use your hot keys (shortcuts) to easily move between tasks, such as opening the Visitor List, toggling you status and transferring chats to other agents.

When you are in your workspace, there are five hot keys. Open the hot keys menu by holding down the control and tilde keys (CTRL + ~). Select an action by pressing the applicable letter.

  • LOGOUT (L): to logout of the agent workspace
  • VISITOR LIST (V): to access the list of your current visitors
  • STATUS (S): to toggle your status between Online, Back Soon and Away
  • END ENGAGEMENT (X): to end the current chat
  • TRANSFER ENGAGEMENT (T): to transfer the chat to another agent

Note: The END ENGAGEMENT and TRANSFER ENGAGEMENT hot keys are available only when you are chatting with a visitor.

If you learn the hot keys by heart, they will become second nature to you, saving you time and energy so you can focus on resolving your customers’ issues.

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