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Assign a Location to your Engagement

At this stage you’re ready to define where you want the engagement to appear within your website. Use one of the predefined locations, such as Entire Website or focus your targeting on a particular page or set of pages. To create a new location, simply name the location and copy its URL into the field “Contains/Exact/Advance”. To define where the engagement cannot take place, copy the excluded page URL into the applicable field.

To edit the location of your engagement:

  1. Click Location to enter the Location Library. Now you can add new locations for displaying engagements.
  2. Click Add new location and enter a location name.
  3. Select Contains, Exact, or Advanced and copy the target URL into the field on the right.
  4. Click + Add URL to add more URLs.
  5. If you want to exclude the engagement from specific pages, click + Exclude location and copy the target URL into the field on the right.
  6. Click the Save button.

Note: Locations are shared throughout your account, so if you modify a location, the change will be applied to any other engagements that use this location.

Now you can target users who visited particular pages of your website and to narrow down the customers that you want to chat with.