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Do you want happy and loyal customers? Would you like to make more sales and reduce the amount of missed opportunities? In order to achieve these goals, you need to keep in mind that an online chat interaction with a customer is different than over the phone.

A successful chat is a conversation that keeps your customer connected and involved, while answering their questions and providing their needs without overloading them with too much information.

Use the SURA method and be SURE to increase customer satisfaction!

SURA consists of four simple factors:

  1. Set the tone - keep the customer engaged and involved in the chat, and try to make it feel like a real conversation.
  2. Understand the customer – listen to your client, assess their needs and acknowledge what they say.
  3. Relay the solution – provide a focused solution, outline the next steps and confirm their understanding.
  4. Achieve the sale / resolution – follow through with questions and clarifications.

Check out this chat example:

Remember that during an online chat, you don't have visual or auditory cues to guide you – so pick your words carefully and attentively. A friendly conversation can go a long way with a customer - so go ahead and try it!

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