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Surveys: Know your visitors

Surveys are a great way to gain more information from your customers or agents in order to increase agent efficiency and collect valuable visitor feedback.

What’s in it for me?

By using surveys, you are able to collect additional information about the client during each stage in their journey; Offline, Pre-chat, Post-chat or an Agent survey. Each step can provide useful insights into your client’s mindset that you can use to personalize interactions in order to drive sales or provide better support.

Before you get started, here are some general recommendations for creating your surveys.

Where do I set this up?

Surveys are created within each chat engagement.

  • Minimize the number of questions asked and consider how intrusive a question may be.
  • Be pertinent and non-redundant in order to maximize completion rates.
  • Do not add extra steps for visitors within the checkout process (limit or eliminate pre-chat surveys in sales scenarios).
  • Use the same creative design (window skin, branding, size, button styles and colors) for the chat window, pre-chat survey and post-chat survey.
    1. While customizing your chat engagement, click Edit to modify the chat window and surveys.
    2. Click each tab to edit the surveys.
    3. Click New survey. You can edit the questions either by clicking on the text or by adding a new question.

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