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Why Connect to Google Analytics?

LiveEngage allows you to connect, from within the platform, to your Google Analytics account in order to improve your targeting. With Google Analytics data, you can use LiveEngage campaigns to engage with your visitors, for example, just before they abandon your site. LiveEngage can also connect to your Google adwords data (if it is linked to your analytics account), and allow you to create campaigns that match the searches that led visitors to your website using the Google ValueTrack.

Log in to your relevant Google account. On the Campaigns list screen, click the the Data Sources link, and click “Connect” in the Web Analytics row. LiveEngage will request permission to access your Google account. When you accept, you will receive a confirmation message and Web Analytics will be marked as Connected.

Let’s see how to connect and target visitors who are about to abandon your site.

  1. Design an engagement for any visitor that is about to leave the site to entice him to stay.
  2. In the Visitor Behavior Library, create a new behavior and call it “About to Abandon”.
  3. Add the condition “About to Abandon”. This behavioural targeting works best when no other conditions have been selected. If you’ve already connected to your Google account, you’ll get a confirmation message, “We've successfully retrieved data from your Google AdWords account.”
  4. Select a Google Analytics view (profile).
  5. If you haven’t yet connected your account to Google Analytics, do so now.
  6. Select the relevant Google Analytics view (profile) from the drop-down menu.

LiveEngage imports the URLs of web pages that your visitors are most likely to leave and sends the engagement to the visitors when they visit those web pages, just at the right moment, giving you an opportunity to engage these visitors and make them offers that help you complete the transaction.