Over 15 years ago, LivePerson created a new and wildly successful “click-to-chat” product that brought real-time connections to online customer service and that launched an industry. Customers loved the quick access to personalized assistance, and businesses loved being able to provide better service at a far lower cost.

Today, LivePerson solves some of the most challenging engagement problems, not only within the realm of customer service, but also with online sales and online marketing. Real-time engagement is no longer limited just to chat, but now includes voice, video, and targeted offers or banners. LivePerson clients are engaging their customers not only on their websites, but on their mobile apps, mobile sites, social media, and even print media via QR code. And rather than just offering a static button on a web page, LivePerson clients are able to harness the extraordinary amount of available data to gain a real-time understanding of each visitor’s needs, intent, and expected value, enabling them to proactively engage their visitors at the right time.

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