Streamline recruiting efforts and improve student and alumni services

Today’s students make no secret of their reliance on online channels as sources of information and methods of communicating. In fact, in a recent E-Expectations™ survey they clearly expressed their preference for online communications over in-person, phone, mail or text. Now, with LivePerson, colleges and universities can interact with prospective applicants in the way they prefer — and also add efficiencies and effectiveness to their communications with current students, parents and alumni.

Key benefits

LivePerson solutions for colleges and universities deliver key benefits for admissions and financial aid offices, academic departments and staff and alumni relations programmes:

  • Helping with new student recruitment and admissions
  • Supporting enrolled students more efficiently and effectively
  • Keeping alumni engaged
  • Deflecting high-cost phone and email contacts to a lower cost channel


Interact with applicants using LivePerson chat and intelligent engagement solutions to:

  • Streamline recruiting. Allow prospective students to chat with admissions officers and even with current students during the consideration phase of their school selection process. When a prospective student lands on your site, your agents can view the referring keyword, search engine and the path traveled.
  • Reduce application abandonment and increase completed applications. Gain valuable, real-time intelligence on site visitor behavior and web processes to improve site content and marketing campaigns. Immediately offer assistance to retain visitors who show signs of needing help or abandoning an application.
  • Improve productivity and reduce operating costs. With LivePerson, chat agents handle multiple candidate inquires simultaneously, maximizing the number of engagements per agent labor hour. This also deflects costly phone and email communications to the more efficient and economical channel.

Enrolled students and alumni

In addition to improving and driving online enrollment and application rates, LivePerson intelligent engagement solutions can be used across an institution to reach out to enrolled students and to parents and alumni.

  • Provide research assistance. Use live chat to support requests for inter-library loans, reserve books or periodicals, and answer reference-related questions.
  • Support distance learning. Enable remote students to chat with professors, who simply sign on to LivePerson during regular office hours.
  • Promote interaction with advisors. Provide an easy way for students to interact with academic advisors and career development experts.
  • Cultivate alumni relations and fundraising. Facilitate communication and development activities by providing timely, personal attention and information.

Creating productive connections. Right person. Right time. Right channel.

LivePerson solutions help educational institutions interact efficiently and productively with all of their constituents — candidates for admission, current students, parents, and alumni.

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